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At Dental Practice Turkey, we offer a wide range of dental restorative surgery to help our patients improve their oral health and enhance their smile aesthetics. Our dental implant surgery will replace damaged or missing teeth to restore your smile.

We give our patients access to an intensive consultation at our well-equipped clinic before dental surgery or any dental procedure. Our highly experienced dental professionals will conduct a dental exam and listen to all your concerns, including your desired result, to recommend the most suitable treatment.

We offer high-quality dental care and ensure our patients get their desired results. We aim to give patients the utmost satisfaction with the result of their treatment and ensure maximum comfort during the procedure.

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Dental Practice Turkey is a leading Turkish dental clinic, and many patients choose us for the following reasons.

Experienced and
skilled dentists

We have a team of dedicated dental professionals working with the most advanced dental technology and techniques to provide our patients with their desired results.

Full Dental Packages

Our experienced team will arrange everything for you, from hotel or transport, you just need your ticket, everything else is covered.

Extensive consultation

During your consultation, our experienced dental professional will discuss your treatment and explain the available options, including the risks and benefits, to equip you with the necessary information to make the right decision.

Personalised dental care

We create personalised treatment plans for patients while factoring in the extent of their dental issue, lifestyle, and desired result.

Affordable treatment

The cost of treatment is a determining factor for many patients. We understand this, making us offer dental treatments at an affordable rate, with payment plans allowing you to pay a reasonable initial cost. Our payment plans allow patients to spread the treatment cost over several months.

Top-rated treatment

We offer straightforward and stress-free treatments to give patients their needs at every stage.

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Features of our Dental Treatments:

We offer several dental treatments, including dental implants, both the standard and traditional options to restore your smile. After you consult with the dentist,
we can determine the perfect treatment for you.

Our services include:

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With three easy steps, you can book a consultation to start your dental treatment without stress.

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Browse all dental treatments we offer

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Schedule an appointment for a consultation with our experienced dental professional

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Get your personalised treatment plan and plan for your trip

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Our Travel & Accommodation Help

Dental Practice Turkey has a committed travel team to assist in making all sort of necessary travel arrangements for our patients. We will arrange your medical holiday with accommodation in best 4-star hotel, air line tickets and commutation to and fro the clinic and other travel plans. Our driver will be there to serve you pickup and drop facility on your way. The biggest perk of our medical tour is you don't have to pay any extra penny for travel as we provide an all-inclusive package for our patients.

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Frequently asked questions

Dental implants are dental restorations for replacing missing a tooth or teeth. An implant restores the entire function and form of the missing tooth to improve your dental and oral health and enhance your confidence and smile.

A dental implant has a titanium screw that the dental surgeon places directly in the jawbone. The screw gradually fuses to the jawbone and can support removable dentures, bridges, and crowns.

If all the teeth or several are missing, you can get the all-on-6 or all-on-4 dental implants that replace an entire arch using only four or six dental implants.

Dental implant treatment can replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. If the teeth are missing, the jawbone gradually resorbs, and the traditional treatment options for missing teeth, such as fixed bridges and removable dentures, do not prevent bone loss.

Dentures are also uncomfortable and unstable, leading to soreness, while fitting dental bridges require filing down the healthy teeth. However, dental implants are durable and strong. They also feel and look like your natural teeth, and the fitting process does not damage existing teeth.

You can undergo a dental implant procedure if one, all, or several of your teeth are:

  • Lost
  • Missing
  • Broken or cracked
  • Decayed
  • Damaged

The dentist will check if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants during your initial consultation.

Dental implants are safe and a standard dental surgical procedure. Before fitting the dental implant, you will have a detailed oral and general health exam to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Yes, it will. Most people notice your smile when they meet you, and if your teeth are broken or missing, it will significantly affect your appearance. Missing or broken teeth can also affect your confidence, but you can restore your smile and confidence with dental implants.

  • All-on-4/all-on- dental implants

This dental implant procedure involves fitting four or six dental implants to support prostheses to replace missing teeth. This procedure is a popular reconstructive process for enhancing the appearance and giving a long-lasting result. After your dental implant procedure will have better oral health and a smile that can last for about ten years with the proper maintenance.

  • Bone grafting

Bone grafting increases the jawbone density to make the implant fit perfectly. During bone grafting, the surgeon will insert an artificial root. This procedure is essential for patients with cardiac problems and diabetes. You can have this procedure under local anaesthetic and a sedative to prevent pain or discomfort.

  • Bone grafting using Bio guide membrane

The surgeon will apply an absorbable plastic to trigger regeneration and healing of the bone. The absorbable plastic will protect the bone and tissues. The synthetic layer will remain active for several months before the enzymes in the body absorb it. The synthetic material causes no infection or irritation in the soft and hard tissues.

  • PRGF

This advanced procedure involves using a membrane and the patient's blood plaster to help better bone healing. This procedure replaces the area with a missing bone while installing the dental implant.

  • Sinus elevation – Mini Sinus Elevation

A sinus elevation may be necessary before dental restoration surgery. It helps increase the bone's thickness and volume in the upper teeth arch. It requires local anaesthesia and sedative to prevent the patient from feeling pain or discomfort. The surgeon can fit the implant immediately after the sinus elevation.

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