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Composite Bonding
Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding in Turkey

If the name composite rings a bell, then you should know that you are in a for a great aesthetic solution. Yes, this procedure is a cosmetic dental treatment that targets the shape and colour of the teeth for improvement using fine aesthetically-pleasing material to cover the teeth surface. Composite bonding seeks to achieve two things: to keep the tooth enamel from trauma and enhance the smile.

For what do we use composite bonding?

Primarily, the dentists at Dental Practice Turkey use composite bonding to achieve:

  • Closure of unattractive gaps between teeth
  • The right teeth' length and shape
  • Repair of cracks and chips in teeth
  • Whitening of the teeth where whitening treatment has failed
  • Treatment of caries-infected teeth where the composite fills up the resulting cavity
  • Safety of exposed tooth root caused by receding gums
  • Lower sensitivity of the teeth

How is composite bonding done?

On many occasions, cosmetic bonding is a fast dental procedure - a tooth is treated under 60 minutes. And no initial preparation of the tooth is necessary. How about the use of anaesthesia? Most times, the dentist does not administer any anaesthetic to bond composite material to the teeth. The only time anaesthetic is required is in the event that a tooth has been infected by caries and the cavity has to be prepped.

The procedure for composite bonding in Turkey

Several steps are involved in getting your composite bonding:

  • Material selection. The perfect teeth-coloured composite material will be chosen so that the patient's smile can look natural.
  • The edges and surface of the enamel are shaved a bit to cut in mild grooves with the aid of a fine dental tool.
  • Applying an acid-containing gel on the enamel surface creates tiny bumps that will hold the composite material very well on the teeth. And the teeth are treated with a fine conditioning compound that wets the surface of the enamel such that bonding is strengthened
  • Laying the chosen composite material on the teeth where the contour is aligned, and the crown is shaped as desired
  • UV light is shone on the teeth, and surplus composite and enamel surface grinding are removed

Our composite bonding procedure is professional, seamless and efficient. Come see for yourself in a consultation.

What are the good sides of composite bonding?

There are numerous advantages of composite bonding treatment, but here are the basics:

  • The procedure is straightforward
  • Requires just a single dental visit except on occasions where the patient may require sealant installation or nerve removal
  • Pain-free and anaesthesia-free treatment. This means no allergies to anaesthesia too
  • Less damage to the covering of the enamel plus a great cosmetic outcome

Caring for your new composite bonding

Now that you are done with the procedure, the next big thing is making your result last. While composite bonding may not need special care, those who have received this treatment are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Give your mouth the right care by brushing and flossing twice and once a day, respectively
  • Visit your dentist a minimum of 3 times yearly to evaluate how functional the composite bonding is
  • Go for expert dental cleaning one time every 6 months
  • Do not expose composite bonding to changes in temperature; for instance, eating hot food immediately after cold foods
  • Eschew bad dental habits like opening bottle caps with your teeth, biting on hard materials such as pencil ends, nails, ice cubes, etc

Signs of damage on your composite bonding, including chips and fractures, should necessitate a visit to the dentist to have it checked out and adjusted as much as required. Dental experts like ours will easily fix a damaged composite bonding without taking it out.

How much is composite bonding at Dental Practice Turkey?

Our dental experts are specialists in composite bonding and do it so well that patients are always happy with their results. Well, price is one important factor to consider for this treatment. Luckily, at our practice, prices are moderate, and you can get this treatment for £150.

If you would like an exact quote, we recommend you meet up with any of our specialist aesthetic dentists for a consultation. We are just one phone call away, and remember that a great smile can take you a great mile.


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