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Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Turkey

There are different solutions to teeth discolouration and cracks, which is a common dental problem. Are you on this page because you need a solution to yellowish pigmentation and stains on teeth? If that is you, then you are in the right spot. We have a wide range of solutions in Turkey.

The appropriate treatment for yellow and misaligned teeth is dental crowns. Dental Practice Turkey is where you can get top brands, high-quality dental crowns for modest prices. With our rates, you can keep back a whopping 70% of your dental treatment budget. You should reach us for any questions or concerns you have.

Our solution offers a very natural and appealing smile using crowns that are lesser than what you will buy them for in your local area. Let's know what you expect from this treatment, and we will do our best to give you a smile you desire.

Bring all your dental concerns to us and rest easy with our high-quality functional solutions at cheap rates. For a comprehensive guide on how to go about dental crowns in Turkey, feel free to book an appointment with us.

Definition of dental crowns

This is a type of restorative dental solution. Also known as dental caps, crowns cover the entirety of the tooth, even an implant. During this treatment, the crown will envelop the discoloured, fractured portion of your teeth. A combination of high-grade dental material and a dentist with finesse delivers a younger and beautiful smile.

Veneers vs dental crowns

Interestingly, veneers are a form of dental crowns. The belief that they are the same thing is not correct. They are different in makeup and function.

For anterior teeth issues, veneers can be applied as they encircle just this area. When it comes to dental crowns, the application is quite different in that they cap the entire tooth from front to back; telling the difference between your real teeth and the crown is not easy.

The cosmetic appeal of dental crowns is way higher than veneers. And when it comes to function, crowns beat veneers. Aside masquerading the stained and chipped part of your teeth, crowns will make your teeth stronger and reinforce functions such as chewing. Overall, crown and veneers bring a better look to the teeth.

Description of complete set of dental crowns

20 to 28 units of crowns make up a complete set of dental crowns. How many dental crowns one gets comes down to how many significant teeth they have and their dental health condition. Where the patient's teeth are lost or not robust, dental implants may become necessary.

Indications for dental crowns

  • To stop the teeth from wearing down
  • To have more robust and cosmetic teeth
  • When the cavity is large and severe
  • For difficulty in chewing food

At Dental Practice Turkey, we are able to treat professionally foreign patients. Manned by a team of friendly staff that can speak English Language very well, you have no issue communicating with us.

Our dental service quality is at par or slightly more advanced than services provided in clinics of developed countries, and they come at a moderate cost.

You would want to save extra money while getting the best dental care, so head over to Dental Practice Turkey today.

The advantages of dental crowns

These crowns have got advantages like:

  • Appropriate for anterior and posterior teeth
  • They don't break easily
  • The bond is very strong such that the crowns don't easily fall out
  • Strengthens teeth that are not strong
  • Costs lower than veneers

Dental crowns are for who?

Those that want their smile to be better and those who can no longer bear teeth that have stains or are weak are suitable for dental crowns. This treatment corrects gappy teeth, cracked and deteriorated teeth by restoring aesthetic allure and bite.

If you have an allergy to metallic crowns, this choice may work well for you. Here, our dental crowns are Zirconia-based, and the material is not allergic. This means you won't have any oral concerns. If you are looking for professional dentists with a patient-facing attitude, we are right here and would guide you on your journey to a beautiful smile.

Types of dental crowns

The whole tooth surface is enveloped in a dental crown. To achieve this complete coverage, the tooth tissue is taken out. The dental crown procedure is irreversible. These crowns don't have conservation like veneers; however, they take to the teeth much more. Crowns do not fall off just like that. See the five types of crowns below:

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown: Though they don't break easily, the cosmetic appeal of these crowns is moderate.
  • Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crowns: Very strong and brings out a fantastic cosmetic appeal.
  • Full Ceramic Crowns: They don't last as long as the porcelain fused to Zirconia crowns type; however, their cosmetic appeal is good.
  • Full Metal Crowns: When it comes to cosmetic appeal, these types don't have any, but they have the strength and can perform bite functions.
  • Gold Crowns: Their strength is very high, but they lack cosmetic appeal. In spite of that, they are a popular choice simply due to their aesthetics.

For help with the most appropriate crown material and smile design, you should reach out to our consultant dental aesthetician.

Metal porcelain crown

This type of crown dates back to the days when dental cosmetic technology was still budding. The foundation of this crown is made of metal. As for strength, this option has it. Porcelain coating covers the metal part of this crown to make it look cosmetic. And this option is highly affordable.

It is the final finishing that really matters in the design of this crown because without that, there won't be any cosmetic allure. Our dentists are skilful in making the porcelain finish perfect. This is why you should come to Dental Practice Turkey if you are considering high-quality metal porcelain crowns.

Porcelain crown benefits

  • Very long-lasting
  • Very efficient
  • Masquerades yellowish discolouration and stains on teeth to present a much more aesthetic smile

Zirconia crowns

Because of the great strength this option of crowns has, they work for any part of the mouth. Based on this, Zirconia is the last bus stop to everything yellow teeth, decay and metal allergies. This option delivers teeth and smiles that are gorgeous.

Zirconia crowns benefits

  • Difficulty in telling the real teeth from the treatment
  • Completely made of ceramic which is a healthy choice that presents a more natural smile compared to the unreal smile metal crowns deliver
  • We use materials that are friendly to the teeth, gum and body
  • Very durable and healthy material

E-max crowns

Teeth fractures and cracks are fixed with this cosmetic solution called Emax. This option has grown in demand because of its pure ceramic structure, which offers strength and durability. And just so you know, tooth structure can be preserved with this type of crown.

Using CAD/CAM solutions, our expert dentists can design a perfect smile for you. It is this same technology that goes into Emax crowns to present finer teeth and smiles.

Lithium disilicate ceramic is used to manufacture Emax crowns, and it has diamond-like characteristics: tough, glittery, translucent and very long-lasting. Our Emax crowns at Dental Practice Turkey are sold for prices lesser than what Europe offers.

E-max crowns benefits

  • They last for a long time, implying they don't chip easily
  • Deliver the highest natural smile
  • Completely designed from ceramic and post-treatment does not keep purple stains behind

Cost of dental crowns in Turkey

One of the frequently asked questions is why Turkey offers cheap dental services. The reason is straightforward: labour and living costs in Turkey are low so, high-quality dental treatments at a reduced rate.

Cost of Zirconia crowns in Turkey

Each Zirconia crown goes for £160 (€175 or $215). The complete set of Zirconia crowns which comes with 20 teeth, cost around £3,200 (€3,500 or $4,300). Sometimes, more or less teeth may be required for your treatment. You can reach us to know about our discounts and treatment package offers.

Cost of porcelain crowns in Turkey

The metal-supported porcelain crown costs £120 (€130 or $160) for a single tooth. The complete set of porcelain crowns which comes with 20 teeth, cost around £2,400 (€2,600 or $3,250). Sometimes, more or less teeth may be required for your treatment. You can reach us to get a discounted estimate and other information about the procedure.

There is this belief certain people have that low cost equals low quality. At Dental Practice Turkey, our dental crowns are designed from Grade-A materials using the best technology and meet the standard of material set by the FDA in countries like Europe and the UK.

When would you be coming over to Turkey for dental tourism? We would be glad to help you arrange everything from here. Do give us a call now, and let's get started.

An overview of cost estimate

Metal Porcelain Crown - £140

Zirconium Crown -£160

E-max Dental Crown - £260

Laminate Veneers - £280

Removal of Old Crowns - Zero cost

Why choose us?

  • Over 2 decades of dental experience
  • Clinic to hundreds of foreign dental patients
  • Advanced technology and premium quality procedures
  • Moderate priced treatment
  • Zero-cost consultation

If you send us your teeth x-rays or photos, we can plan your treatment after evaluation following what you expect, your health condition, and how much you have. Our transfer service is next to none.

Got questions or issues you need clarity on? We are here, just ask us. You can contact Dental Practice Turkey on 020 3475 8235 or send a WhatsApp message to 905545814094 to book an appointment for your dental crown consultation.

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