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E-max Crowns
E-max Crowns

E-max Crowns in Turkey

For front teeth restoration with an advanced aesthetic solution, Emax crowns offers authentic results. These crowns offer longevity, porcelain-related solution, and are very high in cosmetic appeal. You will find Emax crowns in Turkey and other parts of the world.

Worry no more about choosing a dental crown. Emax crowns are the next big deal when it comes to treatment for teeth breakage or damage. All over the world, these crowns are on the spotlight and come in handy for patients in need of tooth restoration that appears very natural.

While E-max crowns are a bit pricey, the outcome is terrific! However, if you are on budget, you can opt for Turkey Emax crowns. Turkey? Yes, the country boosts of the finest dentists plus up-to-date dental technologies and procedures. And for sure, you will get dental treatment including Emax crowns at a very moderate price particularly when you come to Dental Practice Turkey.

Definition of E-max crowns

A cosmetic procedure that works very well at repairing teeth cracks and breakage. These crowns are making waves because of their strength, thanks to their pure ceramic content, and of course durability. In addition, tooth structure is preserved by E-max crowns.

You don't have to worry about whether the crowns will blend in with your remaining teeth as E-max is designed to be quite transparent and does a great job of matching your real teeth. Metal is not part of the constituents of E-max crowns, meaning no unsightly appearance will be seen. A combination of special and long-lasting materials makes up Emax crowns and that's why as per tooth restoration, this option is top of mind. Do we offer this treatment? Yes, at Dental Practice Turkey, we provide the same brand of Emax crowns available all over Europe however, our rates are cheaper.

The benefits of Turkey Emax crowns

Turkey Emax crowns offers many advantages which include but not limited to the following:

  • Longevity. E-max crowns are very strong and that's one attraction. Glass-ceramic (lithium disilicate) is a very strong material and Emax dental crowns are made from it. Because of their great strength, the odds of these crowns breaking or cracking is very low.
  • Resemblance to real teeth. Based on their pure ceramic base and translucency, Emax crowns superbly blend in with your real teeth in colour. In fact, they look so real like your original pearly whites.
  • Tooth structure preservation. Because they don't break easily and are simply designed in thin section, Emax dental crowns doesn't affect your healthy tooth structure in any negative way, rather they keep them protected.
  • Very versatile treatment. E-max crowns are a flexible solution in that apart from being pure ceramic crowns, they can be designed for other tooth restoration options like veneers, short-length bridges, onlays, overlays and inlays.
  • Overall, E-max crowns work excellently well for restoration of front teeth. However, you need to be evaluated first before you get Emax crowns. You can schedule your online assessment at Dental Practice Turkey.

What are the perks of Emax crowns?

  • Zero metallic content. There is no alloy of metal in Emax crowns like you see in other dental restorations. This means your gums are free from those unpleasant lines and all you see is a teeth that's so natural.
  • Quality material. Since it is made from ceramic, it offers similar light penetration property the real teeth has. Emax dental crowns look real and clear and will definitely give you a smile as deep as the ocean.
  • Long-lasting. Lithium silicate, the base material for Emax crowns is durable to a fault. They are resistant to cracks and fractures which makes them very long-lasting.
  • Preservation of natural tooth structure. This is because of the thin sections applied during the process of installing Emax crowns. By helping your tooth structure, Emax crowns keep your teeth stronger.

Before and after photos

We have a wide collection of before and after photos of patients we have treated. Get in touch with us.

How much is Emax crowns in Turkey?

Because of their great cosmetic appeal, Emax dental crowns have been on the spotlight lately. You will agree that a good treatment goes for a good price Emax crowns are not an exception. Clinic technology and application typically determines how much Emax crowns are offered. However, Turkey is an ideal dental care location and the price is much lesser compared to other nations.

You have our full support if your decide to go for Emax dental crowns. And yours faithfully will gladly guide you on your journey to getting the super Emax crown in Turkey.

Dental Practice Turkey is a dental clinic par excellence. From specialist dentists to nurses and a plethora of advanced dental solutions and technology plus standard clinic facilities, we offer one of the finest dental care services in Turkey. So, schedule your appointment with us now and get evaluated.

Granted, Emax crowns are more expensive compared to other dental crown types. Different clinics may charge varying prices following location, technology used and experience of the dental practitioner. However, we strongly recommend you visit Turkey if you need affordable Emax crowns plus convenience and other benefits. Overall, Emax crowns in Turkey may range from £229 to £400. Come to our clinic for a consultation and we would give you comprehensive details about this procedure.

Why choose us?

Dental Practice Turkey has over 20 years of experience in dental procedures. We have treated hundreds of foreign patients using up-to-date dental technology and methods, and our consultations are free of charge. How about our treatment cost? Simply affordable!

Go ahead and reach us for a free quote.

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