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  • 13 dental implants
  • Sinus lift and bone graft (on requirement)
  • Porcelain crown
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Full mouth dental implants in Turkey

With full mouth dental implants, you can replace all your teeth with implants. The implants allow you to retain your biting and chewing functions.

At Dental Practice Turkey, we offer you full mouth dental implants in Turkey with a lifetime guarantee using high-quality materials at a lower cost. Full mouth dental implants can replace all the teeth in your mouth with implants and implant-supported bridges.

This implant option provides an effective solution for people who lose several teeth. Full mouth teeth implants help give you a younger and healthy smile. The implants integrate with your jawbone, acting as your natural tooth while keeping your bone strong and healthy.

In most cases, full mouth teeth implants are the most suitable treatment to restore the function and comfort of your natural and healthy teeth.

What advantages do full mouth implants offer?

  • The preparation takes a short period with no error because we use computer-aided imaging technology.
  • With full mouth implants, your mouth won’t have a weird feeling resulting from dental prostheses
  • Unlike dentures and crowns, you will not need replacement or extra care for a long time. Implants give a natural feeling and can last a lifetime
  • They give stable teeth like your natural teeth, which do not move while chewing
  • You can eat any food after your implant treatment, including those that are difficult to eat with other dental prostheses
  • Implants prevent the appearance of a collapsed cheek and lip, which occurs with other dental prostheses
  • Full mouth implants do not cause nausea
  • You can replace teeth on your lower or upper arch at once, giving you a better smile
  • Full mouth dental implants give a permanent result and have a lifetime guarantee

Which dental implant brands are available?

Our dental specialists use high-quality dental implant brands to give you a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Our international dental implant brands have a lifetime guarantee. Your full mouth dental implant option at Dental Practice Turkey includes:

  • Astra Tech
  • Alpha-Bio
  • Dentsply
  • Cerec from Sirona
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann

Procedures for full mouth dental implant Treatment in Turkey

  • The dentist in Turkey will perform dental examinations to determine if you have sufficient jawbone for the full mouth dental implants.
  • We will carry out a CT scan and panoramic x-ray.
  • After the x-rays and necessary analysis, our specialist will examine your mouth structure and jawbone.
  • Using our computer-aided D scanner and imaging technology, we will make a pre-model of the procedure’s result, which offers a huge advantage.
  • We will choose the titanium stent implants suitable for your jawbone.
  • If you need any procedure before the implant placement, like tooth extraction, the dentist will follow the necessary procedure.
  • Our treatments are pain-free, and we will administer local anaesthesia using injection or without injection before the implant placement.
  • After placing the temporary implants, we will wait for your teeth to heal, then place the permanent dental restoration. This process is called osseointegration.

We prioritise our patient’s comfort and happiness and will ensure the implant teeth are aesthetically pleasing, making you look younger with a whiter smile.

What is the full mouth dental implant cost in Turkey?

Turkey is a dental tourism centre. Many people travel from European countries to Turkey to undergo dental treatments, including full mouth dental implants.

At Dental Practice Turkey, we keep up with the latest technological advancements in dentistry and offer high-quality treatment at our well-equipped facility. Our full mouth dental implants are less expensive than other countries, and we offer personalised treatments.

Types of dental implants

  • Subperiosteal implants
    They are cage-shaped dental implants made by measuring the jawbone but are less common for full mouth implant procedures.
  • Intramucosal implants
    They help increase prostheses retention but aren’t suitable for full mouth teeth implants.
  • Endosteal implants
    They apply when restoring more than a missing tooth. This implant option is the most common for complete implants, and they have three categories.
  • Blade implants
    These implants are suitable for full mouth implants. The blade implants and jawbone usually combine well.
  • Cylindrical implant
    These implants have a cylindrical form and often fit well into the jawbone.
    Our dental specialists prefer using titanium implants made from top brands because titanium is biocompatible with human tissues.

Recovery process for full mouth implants

Swelling and redness often occur after a dental implant procedure. Complications rarely occur after a dental implant procedure at our clinic. However, like other dental procedures, full mouth teeth implants have certain risks, such as soft tissue loss, jawbone damage and infection.

Undergoing full-mouth implants at a well-equipped clinic with experienced dental professionals who uses biocompatible implants will reduce the risks of these complications. Our dental implants have a lifetime guarantee, and we will give you a warranty card for the implant.

Call Dental Practice Turkey on 020 3475 8235 or send us a WhatsApp message on 905545814094 to schedule a consultation with our dentist for full mouth dental implants in Turkey.

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