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Gum grafting
Gum grafting

Gum grafting surgery in Turkey: Cost & Treatment

Gum graft surgery has become a common oral cavity treatment procedure. This procedure aims to treat gingival recession, where gum tissue atrophy occurs around one or more teeth. Several factors may cause a gingival recession and are usually associated with periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases cause inflammation and destroy bone tissue, exposing the tooth root.

Periodontal disease may result from chronic diseases, poor oral hygiene problems, trauma from aggressive teeth brushing, the presence of frenulums and strands, and occlusion problems.

Our dental specialist at Dental Practice Turkey performs dental implantation and other dental implants only if you have healthy gums and meet other criteria.

Before replacing a missing tooth with a dental prosthesis, the dentist will perform the necessary procedures to restore the soft tissues surrounding the new tooth. When the gums are healthy, they can support implants. However, having healthy gums isn't a guarantee that your implant procedure will be successful

Gum inconsistency may result from different issues, but the most common include:

  • Atrophy of the soft tissues resulting from missing tooth for an extended period
  • Tissue recession resulting from inflammatory disease
  • Genetics which causes gingival maldevelopment

With advanced dental technology, gum conditions cannot prevent dental implant placement. Our dental specialist will treat the gum condition with 3D gingival augmentation before the implant placement. This treatment ensures complete restoration of the soft tissues.

Benefits of gum grafting surgery in Turkey

Gum grafting surgery in Turkey offers the following benefits

  • Augment gums surrounding a dental implant
  • Aid gum cuff formation
  • Create sufficient mucous membrane volume for the gum crest around the dental prosthesis
  • Protect the bone with restored gum in the implant area

Several techniques are available for restoring gum volume. The suitable gum grafting procedure will depend on your needs.

Gum grafting procedure

You can have soft tissues transplanted from another oral cavity area if you have insufficient soft tissues. In most cases, transplanted gum is from the palate because the hard palate has the same characteristics as gums near the neck of a tooth. This allows gum grafts from the hard palate to survive easily and stop gum recession.

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure. Before the gum grafting, the dentist will treat inflammation and carious lesions in the area. Gum grafting is painless and performed under local anaesthesia.

For the gum transplant, the surgeon will peel off soft tissue flaps in your mouth and select the one directly under your mouth. After removing the soft tissue flap, the dentist will clean the areas inter the flaps to remove food particles, repair the root cement and prevent inflammation.

Types of gum graft surgery in Turkey

Before your gum graft surgery, the anaesthesiologist will administer anaesthesia. During the gum grafting procedure, you will be sitting in a comfortable chair. The surgeon will use any of the following gun grafting procedures.

Free gum graft surgery

This gum grafting method is suitable for people with thin gum tissues. The dental professional will make a home in the gum, which they will fill with the graft. The surgeon will take a free 2 – 3mm gum graft from the palate with a dense mucous membrane. The surgeon will fix the flap on the gum using a neat and thin stitch.

Connective tissue transplantation

This technique is suitable for treating areas with exposed tooth roots. The surgeon will take subepithelial connective tissues under the palate's mucous membrane. This soft tissue has a good supply.

The surgeon will stitch the subepithelial connective tissue to the gingival tissue and treat it with special regenerating and antiseptic solutions.

Rotated flap transplantation

This method best suits people with sufficient gum tissue volume around the tooth. The surgeon will take the tissues from the adjacent areas of the gum. This procedure involves correctly transplanting a rotated gum flap to the affected tooth's root. The flap will protect the tooth and aid in better function.

Recovery following gum grafting

The recovery process for gum grafting doesn't involve staying at the hospital, but you will be under medical supervision for a couple of weeks to allow the dental specialist to control the tissue survival.

You will have your stitches removed within a week after the procedure. Ensure you take your prescribed medications within this period. You may have a healing cap placed after your implant survives. The healing cap helps give a better result with more gums surrounding the new tooth, making your smile more attractive.

Cost of gum graft surgery in Turkey?

The cost of gum grafting surgery in Turkey depends on the extent of the procedure. After your consultation, the dentist will know the extent of your gingival issues, which determine the cost of your procedure.

At Dental Practice Turkey, we have the latest dental tools and equipment for gum grafting and use only high-quality material for dental implantation while ensuring treatment is affordable.

Oral care following gum grafting surgery in Turkey

Regular dental check-ups with your dentist will help prevent serious oral issues that need surgery. You can further protect yourself from gingival problems with the following.

  • Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride-containing toothpaste
  • Floss daily
  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Visit the dentist regularly for dental exams and professional cleaning

If you're experiencing gum atrophy and need gum grafting surgery, contact Dental Practice Turkey on 020 3475 8235 for a consultation with our dental specialist for gum grafting.

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