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Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening

Cost and Treatment Of Getting a Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey and Abroad

Teeth whitening in Turkey through laser procedure is a teeth whitening procedure that should be carried out by an experienced and qualified dentist in their clinics exclusively. It is the most effective form of teeth whitening because it uses a laser and is carried out by a dentist. The results are instantaneous and do not take time like most over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments that can be carried out at home.

The laser teeth whitening in Turkey procedure works by applying the whitening gel to the teeth and then activating it using a laser. The whitening gel has high levels of a bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide, and this is what makes it the most effective and quickest teeth whitening procedure.

The dentist ensures that the whitening gel works only on the teeth by using a special laser of medical argon. This special laser eliminates colouring pigments in the enamel and denting by releasing active oxygen. With this activity, the dental issues around the teeth are not affected by the whitening process.

What are the benefits of laser teeth whitening in Turkey?

The main benefit of laser teeth whitening is the same as the benefits of other teeth whitening procedures. With laser teeth whitening, you get a clean and white shade of teeth that is obviously whiter than your natural shade of teeth.

Additionally, laser teeth whitening is beneficial because it is a shorter procedure than other teeth whitening procedures. In one dental visit, you can walk out with your teeth looking several shades brighter. This teeth treatment helps to build your confidence.

What are the results to expect?

When compared to other forms of teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening is considered the most effective, efficient, and safest way to get your teeth whitened.

Teeth whitening when used, it is more precise, and you will be able to whiten your teeth up to 5 or more tones in just one procedure. This means that you can walk into your dental clinic in Turkey and walk away in one hour with clean and white teeth, depending on your preference.

What is the procedure for laser teeth whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure with laser begins with an examination of the individual’s mouth by the dentist. During this consultation, the dentist will inform the patient of the outcome and possible nuances involved in the procedure in their case.

At this phase, the patient’s health will be considered, and there must not be any chance of complications should the procedure be carried out. Once everything has been ascertained, then the whitening process can begin.

  • The teeth are cleaned professionally to get rid of any plaque that might be present.
  • The enamel’s pre-whitening tone will be determined by the dentist using a colour palette, after which it will be attached to the medical file of the patient.
  • A retractor is used to expose the working area, and any surrounding tissues can be isolated with cotton balls.
  • Glasses will be used to protect the eyes of the patient, and their filters can be adjusted according to a frequency.
  • A protective gel can then be applied in a 2 to 4 mm layer to a gingival margin along the working area, which overlaps the edge of the enamel slightly.
  • The whitening gel is then applied to the teeth’ surface.
  • A laser is used to activate the whitening agent in the gel.
  • Depending on the concentration of the gel, a substance known as a saliva aspirator is used to clean off the gel from the teeth’ surface after its action time is over.
  • The results are then assessed using the same colour palette mentioned before.
  • If it is not up to the required shade, the procedure is repeated.
  • The whitening agent is removed from the teeth, and all gel traces are cleaned from the mouth.
  • The gingival margin is cleaned, and protective gel is removed.
  • The result is assessed one more time.

When the procedure has been completed, a special gel is applied by the dentist for remineralisation and restoration of the dental enamel and also to reduce the sensitivity of your dentition.

What are the side effects of laser teeth whitening?

The most common side effect of laser teeth whitening is an increase in the sensitivity of teeth. This can happen during the procedure or afterwards. This side effect may be common, but it does not happen to everyone. Nonetheless, the effects of this side effect can be reduced by using mouthwashes and toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. The symptom should disappear in a matter of days.

Another side effect is a freezing or tingling sensation that comes up when the bleaching agent is in use. You should report to the dentist as soon as you notice this symptom for corrections to be made.

You might not be suitable for a laser whitening treatment if you have any of the following. Some of them include;

  • The presence of carious lesions
  • Cancer
  • Beyond the age of 18, and this is due to the dentin formation that is not completed
  • The presence of previous dental restorations
  • Pregnancy and period of lactation
  • Allergy to medications that will be used
  • A damaged or weakened enamel

What is the laser teeth whitening in dental practice clinics in Turkey cost?

Laser teeth whitening in Turkey is now a common procedure, and as such, the price is not very expensive. However, you can get your teeth whitened through a laser procedure for £125.

If you want to know more about teeth whitening in Turkey through a laser procedure, you can contact Dental Practice Turkey on 020 3475 8235 or send us a WhatsApp at 905545814094 to book an appointment for your laser whitening treatment.

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