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Sinus lift surgery
Sinus lift surgery

Sinus Lifting Surgery in Turkey

Sinus lift surgery is a procedure that reconstructs bone tissue. During a sinus lift surgery, the surgeon will place bone-filling materials in the maxillary sinuses. A sinus lift isn’t a painless process, but it takes a short time.

Before a sinus lift, you will get local anaesthesia, which prevents pain and discomfort.

When is sinus lift surgery necessary?

A sinus lift is necessary when you want to get dental implants in the upper jaw but have insufficient bone tissues. Bone loss may occur due to the following.

  • Loss of a tooth or several teeth – bone atrophy is inevitable in this case and occurs from three months after the tooth loss
  • An oral disease which occurs for a long time and penetrates the tooth root
  • Changes in the tooth due to ageing
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Features specific to the patient’s anatomy

In most cases, these issues result from the patient’s level of dental care. Losing only one tooth can affect the bone tissues, even if you are healthy.

Types of sinus lift surgery

A sinus lift may be open or closed.

Closed sinus lift surgery

This is a milder procedure. The dental surgeon will deepen the maxillary sinus through a tiny hole in the mucous membrane and then fill the area with bone-filling material. The implant placement will be on this spot. You may have a closed sinus lift surgery if your bone height is 7 – 8 mm.

If you have sufficient bone height and no condition that may affect the procedure result, you can simultaneously have the sinus lift and implant placement.

Open sinus lift surgery

In open sinus lift surgery, the dental surgeon will make a small incision in the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus lateral area. This allows easy access to the bone to expand the bottom area of the maxillary sinus.

After filling the area with bone filling material, the dental surgeon will stitch it. If your bone height is 3 mm or above, you can have the implant placed immediately to prevent further surgery. If your bone height is insufficient, the implant placement will be four months after the procedure.

You must follow your aftercare instructions for a successful sinus lift procedure. Ensure you use a new toothbrush and avoid eating hot food the first day after the procedure. Take your prescribed medications and do not engage in sports for the recommended period.

Besides these general recommendations, your dentists will also provide detailed hygiene and dietary requirements.

Steps for sinus lift surgery

  • Step 1 – Preparation
    Before your sinus lift, the dentist will assess your health, perform a comprehensive exam, including spiral computed tomography, and then make your dental model. These procedures are necessary to prevent complications during the sinus lift.
  • Step 2 – Anaesthesia
    Local anaesthesia is necessary for sinus lift surgery. The dentist will inject the anaesthetic agent into the tissue plane behind your last upper tooth. The anaesthesia will travel from your adipose tissues to the nerve fibres to block them and prevent pain for about 1 – 2 hours.
  • Step 3 – surgical intervention
    The dental surgeon will separate the maxillary sinus from your upper jawbone using special tools and then fill the bone with autologous bone material or hypoallergenic bone expletive substances.
  • Step 4 – the final stage
    If you had an open sinus lift, the surgeon will stitch the incisions and treat the area with antiseptics. The closed sinus lift allows the placement of the dental implant immediately.

What is the cost of sinus lift surgery in Turkey?

A sinus lift surgery in Turkey cost is lower than in other countries. At Dental Practice Turkey, our sinus lift surgery cost is affordable, and we offer excellent dental services. The exact cost of your sinus lift surgery depends on whether you have an open or closed sinus lift.


Like other surgical procedures, sinus lift surgery has a risk of certain complications. The most common is bleeding, and others arise from giving an oral cavity disease.

If you have an oral cavity disease, you need to treat the disease first before undergoing sinus lift surgery in Turkey.

People with conditions that prevent them from getting anaesthesia, like severe heart issues and psychological disorders, may be unable to undergo sinus lift surgery. Ensure you follow your dentist’s advice for a successful sinus lift surgery.


  • Eat two hours before the procedure, but do not take hot, spicy or solid food, including hot drinks
  • After sinus lift surgery, do not blow your nose, inflate your cheeks, and sneeze with your mouth closed. You should also avoid extremely cold or hot things
  • If you experience extreme pain in the operated area, increased temperature, runny nose or bleeding, visit your dentist immediately.

Our experienced dental specialists at Dental Practice Turkey can perform sinus lift surgery before placing implants to replace your missing teeth. Call 020 3475 8235 to schedule a consultation for sinus lift surgery in Turkey.

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