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Smile Makeover
Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover in Turkey

Many people want a perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile because these features positively affect psychology. The effect is an improved quality of life and a positive feeling in their professional and personal life.

Undergoing a smile makeover can give perfect teeth and correct other dental issues. The treatments may also reverse visible signs of ageing on the face like wrinkling and address collapsed facial muscles.

Smile makeover in Turkey covers a wide range of procedures, but they aim to make a perfect smile, correct structural jaw disorders and improve the lip shape to give you a more youthful appearance. Considering certain factors are important to achieve a good result, and the procedure will include the patient’s facial shape, age and desired result.

At Dental Practice Turkey, we have experienced dental technicians and physicians who use CEREC machine technology for a smile makeover. Many patients travel from different countries to undergo a smile makeover at our clinic, and the procedure has considerably changed their life.

We offer smile makeovers using only high-quality materials. Our dedicated and experienced dental professionals offer VIP services in our well-equipped clinic and serene environment.

Most people can have their new smile in one visit, and you can save up to 70% on your smile makeover procedure at Dental Practice Turkey.

Smile makeover or aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is usually necessary for people with dental issues like damaged, broken or missing teeth, stained or discoloured teeth, gum disorders or cavities. These dental issues can affect a person’s professional and social life, usually causing reduced self-confidence or smiling awkwardly.

Creating your new smile at Dental Practice Turkey

Before your smile makeover, the dental professional will take photos of your mouth to compare with your after-treatment photos. The dentist will take accurate measurements of your mouth to prepare your dental model in our laboratory.

We will transfer the model to a computer to create your custom digital smile design with specialised 3D design software. The smile design allows you to see the changes to your smile before the procedure.

You will discuss the preferred tooth colour and specific dental issues at this point, and then the specialist will transfer the final smile design to the computer-linked CEREC machine to prepare the new smile design. The professional will test the smile design in your mouth and make adjustments if necessary before the final fitting.

We will take the final photographs of your new smile to compare with the initial photos. This shows you the changes in your mouth.

A smile makeover takes about 2 – 6 depending on the tooth structure and materials needed.

Considerations for a smile makeover in Turkey?

Considering certain factors is important when designing your new smile to get the desired result. Everyone has a unique smile, depending on face shape, age, and needs, which must be considered to design an aesthetically pleasing smile.

The dental specialist will consider the following to design your smile.

  • Gum contouring
  • Treatment for infected gums, if necessary
  • Gun or gingival aesthetics
  • Matching and selecting tooth colour
  • Adjusting lip and chin level
  • The right dental coating suitable for the teeth shape, such as porcelain, zirconium, e-max veneers or crowns
  • Adjusting tooth size to fit the jaw structure

Who can undergo a smile makeover in Turkey?

  • People with gaps between the teeth
  • People with stains or tooth discolouration
  • People with receding gums
  • People with tooth deficiencies
  • People with damaged, cracked or broken teeth
  • People with varying teeth length
  • People with a deformed jaw or mouth
  • People who do not like their tooth colour

What is a Hollywood smile Turkey?

A hollywood smile turkey is many people’s desire, and we can help patients achieve this smile characterised by white, perfect teeth. Our dental specialists can give you this smile by adjusting your teeth, creating an even and healthy gum structure and whitening your teeth for a brighter finish.

How to choose a smile design

When creating a smile, the dentist will consider the following.

  • Age
    Ageing causes sagging in the lip muscles, and the tooth also becomes loose, causing teeth in the upper jaw to recede while the teeth in the lower jaw become more obvious. Our custom smile makeover can reverse these issues, giving you a more attractive and youthful smile.
  • Gender
    Your gender is an important factor when designing your smile. The male smile has a square shape, while the female smile is round.
  • Face line
    The face line is important in designing a new smile. For example, creating large, round teeth in a person with a long face can give an artificial look, while overly large teeth in someone with a small face will look strange.
  • Gum physiology
    If you have excess gum compared to your teeth, it can affect the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If the gum isn’t sufficient for the teeth, your smile may not be attractive. Finding the right balance between your teeth and gum will make a significant difference.
  • Lips
    The lower lip curve should follow the lines from the upper teeth. Your lip, gums and teeth should be balanced for an aesthetic smile.

Dental features and positioning

When creating a smile, the dentist will consider the following.

  • Vertical symmetry
    A line runs from the middle of the forehead to the nose and bottom of the chin. This symmetry line should pass at the point the upper and lower centre teeth meet. Considering this line is important when designing a new smile design.
  • Horizontal parallelism
    The horizontal lines for the lower and upper teeth should be parallel. If the lines aren’t parallel, the mouth will look crooked.
  • Smile
    The lower lip line should meet the upper front teeth for a perfect smile.
  • Teeth visibility
    The teeth visibility from the front to the back ought to be less when looking at the face
  • Embrasures
    Poor gum and teeth health is visible when there are triangular spaces at the point two teeth meet the gum.
  • Colour
    A tooth will show gradual colour density as light passes through. The tooth should have more colour where it meets the gum and gradually becomes transparent towards the tip.

What is pink aesthetics?

When planning a smile makeover, the teeth aren’t the only concern, but the dentist will also consider the health and shape of the gums. Irregular or diseased gum, including a gummy smile where excess gum is seen, can make the teeth and smile less pleasing. Receding gums, where the gums are pulled back, showing the teeth surface, can also affect your smile.

How can I achieve pink aesthetics during a smile makeover?

  • Regenerative
    The dental specialist can stimulate the gum to produce new tissues, helping reverse periodontal disease.
  • Gingivectomy
    For excess gum tissues, the dentist will remove the excess gum for a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Gingivoplasty
    This is surgery to readjust the gum for a more symmetrical smile.
  • Crown extension
    During dental crown lengthening, the dental professional will reshape bone tissues and excess gum to show more of the tooth. The procedure may be for one tooth or several teeth.

A smile makeover at Dental Practice Turkey will give you a more attractive smile. Call us today on 020 3475 8235 or send a WhatsApp message to 905545814094 to book an appointment with our dental specialist for a smile makeover.

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