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Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Dentists don't hurriedly remove an impacted tooth. They do all they can to preserve what's left of a tooth that has been traumatised. As a matter of fact, this is a standard the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends.

There are conditions that call for tooth extraction, including:

  • Tooth cavity and serious tooth damage resulting from a decayed tooth
  • Gum infection which gives off signs of dental concerns such as periodontitis and caries
  • A broken tooth that is unsuitable for keeping
  • A case where the dentist thinks what is best for your mouth health is restorative treatment like bridges, crowns or dentures
  • The decision of the patient to get this procedure

Mild to severe symptoms may be experienced by those who have a chipped, decayed or infected tooth.

A prolonged ache in the tooth can make one decide to have an extraction. Another condition for tooth extraction is when a robust wisdom tooth is severely impacted.

Procedures for dental emergencies and tooth extraction

Round-the-clock treatment for sudden tooth damages or dental emergencies, plus tooth extraction, are offered at our clinic in Turkey. However, in most cases, your tooth will be preserved as best as it can with procedures such as a root canal which involves taking out the present infection and returning the tooth to normal function and appearance.

The dentist will perform a tooth extraction procedure if the infection is present, even when the root canal has been done. This way, future infections and issues that may result in bone loss are stalled. Consult any of our professional dentists for more on dental extraction.

How can an extracted tooth be restored?

Should your tooth fall under the conditions for extraction, there are several ways it can be restored:

  • With dental bridge bonded to crowns to one or the two sides of the missing tooth
  • With acrylic or flexible dentures options as a full, partial or temporary prosthesis
  • By using implants that can keep in position crowns, bridges or dentures
  • Orthodontic procedures for fixing bite problems
  • Multiple dental cosmetic procedures

A gap between teeth caused by a loss may be allowed to remain that way; however, this is not recommended because it can cause tooth bone and structure recession, which will affect bite and tooth aesthetics negatively. After having their tooth extracted, some patients will go for cosmetic and dental procedures to close the gap. From tooth extraction itself to aesthetic treatments, we offer high-end solutions you would love at Dental Practice Turkey.

Tooth extraction procedure

We have a range of treatments and use anyone that matches the patient's needs. And as for dental and cosmetic procedures, you can trust our techniques to be very recent and highly advanced. Combining all these, our expert dentists are able to restore the smile of our patients.

But that's not all. We operate a 3D imaging technology at Dental Practice Turkey that enables patients to see what their before- and after-treatment looks like. Even our surgical interventions plus implant procedures are expertly done by the finest dental team here at our practice.

Tooth extraction can be quickly done in a seamless and meticulous manner using non-traumatic forceps. This will see to it that patients do not experience so many complications and recuperation is quicker.

Provided the tooth is not one that can be restored, it is easier to have a tooth extraction at our practice after diagnostic testing. Simply book your preliminary consultation with us now, and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the procedure. Give us a call today.

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